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Banca IFIS’s online Annual report – like a newspaper to browse through 100% digital and mobile friendly


The institute’s interactive 2017 Annual report, showing excellent growth and results for the year, draws its inspiration from newspaper and magazine apps. From mobiles – navigation by swiping.

Mestre (Venice), 20 March 2018 – Banca IFIS’s interactive Annual report, containing the results of the Group’s 2017 financial year, is now on-line. Through a specific website (, the institute, headed by C.E.O. Giovanni Bossi, has published its on-line Annual report for the fifth consecutive year, still in two languages but now with ever new and improved graphics. A choice of transparency and communication that aims to help the reader enjoy ‘technical’ contents in a simple way through an intuitive user experience. For 2017, the institute has chosen to imitate online newspapers for the graphics of its interactive Annual report, easy to browse through thanks to a clear menu and a path between contents organized through ‘columns’.

“On-line newspapers and related apps have been designed to create immediate clarity and direct engagement of the reader”, explains Mara Di Giorgio, the Group’s Head of Communications. “Hence, we thought this strategy could also be applied to our 2017 Annual report and we have tried to achieve this. Now, we are passing the ball over to the web: the visits and comments we receive will be central to understanding if we have achieved our aim”.

Banca IFIS’s interactive website also reflects the institute’s corporate colours and video with ‘unconventional’ infographics and graphics, all designed to make reading technical content more enjoyable. Amongst the earlier sections, the ‘Non-Financial Declaration’ can be found, which includes all the information on Banca IFIS’s corporate social responsibility initiatives.

As far as concerns the structure, the site is divided into three main sections: on the left, one can see Banca IFIS’s key results and its share value on a “factsheet” that is expandable with a simple click; in the centre, one can find the main menu for the site’s various sections, whilst on the right, under a video explaining Banca IFIS’s identity in a few short minutes, one can view the detailed indices for navigation of the various Annual report items. Content navigation is optimized for all mobiles in order to offer visitors access from both smartphones and tablets, thanks to the swipe function, i.e. ‘horizontal’ touch navigation of the site’s contents and pages.

This interactive Annual report is a further tool adopted by Banca IFIS for publishing its financial results; in addition to this site, the Group’s quarterly results are shared on the main social networks with dedicated hashtags. The highlights of the 2017 financial year are available through the hashtag # resultsYR17.