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Banca IFIS: the Shareholders’ Meeting of today approved the 2014 Annual Report and a dividend of 0,66 Euro per share

Inside information

Mestre (Venice) 8 April 2015 – Banca IFIS S.p.A.’s Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, chaired by Sebastien Egon Fürstenberg, approved today:

  • The 2014 Annual report – the results of which were released on 20 January 2015;
  • The distribution of a dividend of 0,66 Euro per share for every ordinary share and payment of these as from 15 April 20151. This dividend will be paid through the authorised intermediaries with which the shares are registered in the Monte Titoli system.
  • Both the contents of Section I of the Remuneration Report – for the purposes of updating Banca IFIS Group’s remuneration policy for 2015 – and any equity-based remuneration plans for certain corporate officers;
  • Renewal of authorisation for the purchase and sale of treasury shares – upon revocation of the prior resolution2 – up to an amount set by the Bank of Italy on a time to time basis, within 18 months of the resolution date. Purchases can be made in one or more operations up to an amount not exceeding 1/5 of share capital, at a price between 4 and 30 Euro per share. These transactions may be carried out in order to reduce treasury funds, as per Article 77 of the EU Law n. 575/2013 (CRR), to support regular trading and avoid price fluctuations that are not in line with the market (market making), for allocation to the Chief Executive Officer, the General Manager and other subjects considered key personnel as per the remuneration and incentive policies approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting, as well as making available to Directors a strategically and operationally flexible tool which allows the company to use treasury shares as compensation for extraordinary operations or as part of variable pay.


1 Pursuant to article 83-terdecies of Legislative Decree no. 58 dated 24 February 1998 (the Consolidated Law on Finance) payment of the dividend is authorised with reference to evidence from the intermediaries’ accounts as per article 83-quater, paragraph 3 of the Consolidated Law on Finance, at the end of 14 April 2015 (the record date).

2 In reference to the previous authorisation approved by the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of 17 April 2014, Banca IFIS did not carry out any treasury share operations with the only exception of a sale of 135.000 shares on 25 March 2015 at an average price of 18,05 Euro, a counter-value of 2,4 million Euro and a nominal value of 135.000 Euro. The remainder at the end of the financial year was therefore equal to the amount declared at the end of the Shareholders’ Meeting of 17 April 2014 (no. 887.165 shares making up 1,649% of share capital) while to date the remainder is 752.165 shares, equal to 1,398% of share capital.