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Banca IFIS: record Market Cap, the Group reached a stock value of over 2 bln euro


Mestre (Venice), 22 March 2017 – Today Banca IFIS’s stock (IF: IM, listed in the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange) reached a new record price. At about 10:30AM the stock registered a price of 37,19 euro/share, which brought the Group’s Market Cap at over 2 billion euro.

The stock has shown over the years active participation from market players: since 2012 – when the Banca IFIS’s shares were trading at about 3 euro – the stock has grown by over 917%.

The Bank and the Management would like to thank Investors and Shareholders who believe in the project and all the collaborators who make the continuous profitable growth of the company, recognized by the market, possible.