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Banca IFIS Pharmacies and MetLife, partnership for insurance policies


Alberto Staccione (Banca IFIS): “Our aim is to finance up to 1,000 pharmacies by 2017”
Maurizio Taglietti (MetLife) “Major serenity for clients to access credit in an easier way, in order to finance personal business projects”

Milan, November 30, 2015 – A few months after the launch of the Business Unit “Pharmacies”, dedicated to the financial support to pharmacies, Banca IFIS Pharma enriches its solutions with insurance services dedicated to pharmacists, announcing a partnership with MetLife, a worldwide insurance group with over 100 million customers and independent leader in Italy for the supply of credit protection solutions. Through this agreement, Meetlife provides for the supply of an insurance plan dedicated to pharmacies who sign a medium-long term financing contract with Banca IFIS.

The MetLife insurance program for Banca IFIS is an efficient tool available for customers who wants to obtain finance in complete transparency and safety.

The insurance policy – which is optional and protects the insured person and his/her your family through all the duration of the loan – recognizes, in the cases provided for by contract, an indemnity equal to the residual debt resulting from the amortization plan.

The partnership with MetLife is a valuable tool that wants to make the relationship between the Bank and Pharmacy even more transparent, secure, and complete” – stated Alberto Staccione, General Manager of Banca IFIS. “A further element in the business strategy of the Bank in order to achieve a challenging goal, 300 million of average loans to approximately 1,000 pharmacies in the next two years, thanks to the capital strength and liquidity on which Banca IFIS can count.”

“The agreement with Banca IFIS aims to strengthen our position as a leading independent player in the insurance services dedicated to the protection of the credit” – said Maurizio Taglietti, General Manager for MetLife Italy. “A market in which we aim to distinguish ourselves by the quality and transparency of our products that play an important role in reassuring the customer when he/she undertakes family or business projects”
More information about Banca IFIS Pharma – Business Unit Pharmacies – and the financing solutions are available on the official website