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Banca IFIS – One Day in Venice: equity’s experience


The Investor meeting dedicated to the North-Eastern listed companies renews its success 15 North-Eastern listed companies will meet 22 institutional funds

The top management of 15 listed companies – representing the entrepreneurial nature of North-Eastern Italy and, specifically, but not only, of the Veneto region, today met Italian and International institutional investors. “One Day in Venice” reaches its 4th edition: an event which keeps growing every year, with over 100 one-to-one meetings in 2013, confirming a renewed interest in financial attractiveness and stock investment.

Banca IFIS, Danieli&C., Delclima, De’ Longhi, Emak, Eurotech, Geox, Hera, Marr, Servizi ITALIA, Sabaf, Safilo, Save, Stefanel and Zignago Vetro shared their equity experience with the investors (60% Italian and 40% foreign). The themes discussed focused on export, internationalization, and the difficulty, perceived and experienced by Italian listed companies, in maintaining a dialogue with the market. To this effect, Banca IFIS and Mediobanca Securities organized a day in which societies could collaborate in an ecosystem of “stock contamination” together with investment professionals.

In terms of the current landscape, it has been emphasized that the trade balance has shown some signs of recovery: a positive signal for the European economy. This recovery has been achieved even in the face of a decline in domestic consumption of four points. Export share amounts to 0.5 points of GDP, while imports have seen a point reduction in GDP. In the last quarter, Italy recorded a positive trade balance of 10 billion euro. An important fact, certainly, but it is also important to state that five quarters of this caliber would be required in order to achieve adequate growth for 2014. There is still much to be done in terms of reform, but the good news is that the most recently enabled actions are already showing signs of being a step in the right direction.

“Through this event we keep creating opportunities to build dialogue, debate and meetings among listed companies and investors and we answer to the specific need of building such a continuous communication channel allowing the market to invest in good work” underlined Giovanni Bossi, C.E.O. of Banca IFIS. “It is important for companies to stay on the radar: such a platform is therefore crucial. We aim to bring a considerable amount of innovation and energy into the corporate stock market, through good work, trust in appropriate business models and opportunities for an ecosystem supporting the recovery of the Italian and European economies”.

In the current scenario a confirmation of how important it is – for professional asset managers and portfolio managers – to be able to select and have direct knowledge of companies, comes from an analysis of stock market indicators. The panel of companies attending the Conference includes issuers which have seen an increase of over 50%, which in four cases (Save, Banca IFIS, Safilo e Delclima) has been greater than 100%.

Antonio Guglielmi, Mediobanca Securities Equity Research Manager, states: “Here we have a great representation of Italy post crisis, those that we like to define pocket corporations, who have survived the darwinian selection of external constraints, turning crisis into opportunity and who are now ready for an upswing after two years of austerity. The point we want to make today is that of an ongoing focus on R&D, Innovation, Internationalization and cost efficiency.”