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Banca IFIS has purchased a NPL portfolio of around 1,3 billion Euro

Inside information

Bossi: “It is the largest purchase we have made so far”

Banca IFIS informs the public that it has purchased a portfolio of Non-Performing Loans from the consumer credit sector, focusing on the personal loans and credit card/revolving credit card segment. The nominal value of this portfolio, the largest the Bank has ever purchased, is 1.263 million euro,  made up of 120.000 debt positions, all of which belonging to Italian families.

“This assignment to Banca IFIS, guided by a major international player, confirms the validity, importance and quality of this innovative project that we have set up since entering into the non-performing loans sector” states Giovanni Bossi, Banca IFIS’s Chief Executive Officer.

“In-depth knowledge of the market, a dedicated network of consultants and in-house management dealing with over 600 thousand loans due by Italian families, allow us to continue achieving absolutely excellent results in this sector. We never stop innovating and enriching our services, making it possible for all the families who are having difficulty settling their debts, to pay them off in a sustainable way. All this supported by the Bank’s solidity and its abundant liquidity position” adds Andrea Clamer, Head of the Non-Performing Loans Area.

Banca IFIS’s total credit in the face of the families being managed amounts to 739.000, a nominal value of 5,4 billion euro, which confirms that Banca IFIS is leader in Italy in terms of the size of unsecured NPLs it has under its management.