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Banca Ifis: Group’s three-year Npl plan completed, Katia Mariotti will join AMCO from August

Banca Ifis: Group's three-year Npl plan completed, Katia Mariotti will join AMCO from August

Mestre (Venice), 30 May 2024 – Banca Ifis announces that Katia Mariotti, current Head of the Npl Department, has completed the three-year business plan of the Npl Department, and will now undertake a new professional position at AMCO – Asset Management Company starting 3 August 2024.

Notwithstanding the strategic nature of the Npl business for the Group, the Bank’s policy envisages new directions for growth that will be the subject of the forthcoming 2025-2027 Business Plan. In this context, lawyer Luca Lo Giudice, Chairman of Ifis Npl Servicing and Ifis Npl Investing, will expand his coordination activities between these two companies. In order to ensure full business continuity, the role of CEO of Ifis Npl Investing will be taken over ad interim by Frederik Geertman, CEO of Banca Ifis.

Ms Mariotti’s resignation will be effective as of the day after approval of the consolidated half-year report of the Banca Ifis Group as of 30 June 2024.

Effective as of that date, in addition, Ms Mariotti will relinquish her roles as director and CEO of Ifis Npl Investing S.p.A., Revalea S.p.A. and director of Ifis Npl Servicing.

In compliance with the provisions contained in the Instructions to the Rules of Markets organised and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., we inform that Ms Mariotti holds 7.839 ordinary shares of Banca Ifis S.p.A..

The Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors would like to thank Ms Mariotti for her important work to date to the benefit of the Company and the Banca Ifis Group.