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Banca IFIS closes two more NPL deals for a total of 336 million Euro. 5 billion Euro total purchases forecasted for the year, confirmed.

Inside information

With a total of 13,2 billion NPL receivables in portfolio at the end of 2017, Banca IFIS confirms its position as market leader in the unsecured, retail segment.


Mestre (Venice), 11 December 2017 – 17 transactions closed to date in 2017; about 13,2 billion Euro of loans managed, corresponding to 1 million 520 thousand positions; more than 700 people amongst which collaborators and sales networks dedicated to the NPL business and digital projects designed to offer a more concrete service to those in financial difficulty. This, in short, is Banca IFIS Group’s NPL Area. The business unit dedicated to purchasing, managing and collecting impaired loans announced today that it has closed two separate transactions for the purchase of NPL loans totalling 336 million Euro (nominal value) from the retail and corporate segments.  The first of these transactions, drawn up with Intesa Sanpaolo, involves a portfolio of unsecured receivables from leasing contracts without guarantee, totalling 2.400 positions, for a nominal value of approximately 85 million Euro. The second portfolio, bought by an Italian company active in the NPL market, is made up of 21.000 positions for a nominal value of about 251 million Euro, of which 75% banking loans, 15% consumer loans and the rest car loans.

The NPL Area expanded dramatically on several fronts during 2017.  Amongst the most important developments that occurred were the significant portfolio purchases made, the taking on of new team members (a total of 200 resources which equates to 85% more new entries in September 2017 than in the same period in 2016) and entry into the salary-backed loan market which offers new profitable opportunities to all Banca IFIS’s retail customers.

Indeed, in late November, Banca IFIS signed the acquisition papers for control of Cap.Ital.Fin S.p.A.,  a company specializing in salary-backed loans and payment delegations.  This business move was also made in order to offer sustainable solutions to the individuals and families in need of financial support that are customers of the NPL Area, and may expand even further in 2018.

Collections for the year were also impressive: in the first 11 months they amounted to 118 million Euro against 69,5 million Euro in the same period of 2016.

In light of the operations finalized, the NPL positions that Banca IFIS will have under its management at the end of 2017 will rise to 1 million, 520 thousand – a very significant number making effective management a fundamental process for the achievement of Group revenue and profitability.

If the results achieved prove the NPL Area’s growth, commitment and expertise, its testing and release of digital projects place this area amongst the most innovative in the market. Indeed, its credit consultants have been working for many years now with a specific tablet application allowing customers to view their payment forecasts live within a customized and sustainable repayment plan. The agreement is signed directly on the tablet in digital form, which is a transparent and secure tool, not necessitating paper forms.

The customer can also view his/her updated payments, documents and status thanks to the first web platform for the market, CrediFamiglia4You , online as from December 2017, which the users can access through secure login. The next releases will also allow on-line payment of instalments in a completely disintermediate and secure way.