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Equita Sim is BancaIfis’ senior bonds liquidity provider


Milan, 7 July 2020 – Banca Ifis has finalised an agreement with Equita Sim S.p.A. for the quotation of the senior preferred bonds issued by the Bank on the secondary market. The quotations will be managed through the use of the financial platforms managed by EURO TLX and BMTF Bloomberg.
Equita Sim S.p.A. will act as specialist/liquidity provider, ensuring a constant presence of both bid and ask quotations for institutional and professional investors, thus guaranteeing greater liquidity for its listed securities.

“The partnership with Equita Sim S.p.A. is aimed at ensuring, on an ongoing basis, adequate liquidity for the bonds issued by Banca Ifis” explained Saverio Bonavita, head of Banca Ifis’s Capital Markets. The funding strategy formulated by the Bank calls for placing a greater focus and emphasis on bonds, to be implemented while taking account of overall funding volume trends and the market context and also reducing funding costs”.