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Banca IFIS buys from Barclays a performing and non-performing loan portfolio with a face value of about 190 million euro

Inside information

Mestre (Venice), 26 May 2017 – Banca IFIS has finalized an agreement for the purchase of a loan portfolio having a nominal value of about 190 million euro from Barclays.

The portfolio consists of about 75.500 positions made up of mostly non-performing consumer loans (personal loans, credit cards) and for the remaining part of performing loan agreements regularly repaid by customers.

“This operation is new as it is the first time we have purchased a portfolio containing both non-performing and performing loans” said Andrea Clamer, Head of Banca IFIS’s NPL Area, who sent on to say: “In a market with increasingly lively dynamics, where the choice to dispose assets is now considered a primary strategic option, we continue to evaluate all possible transactions in line with our strategic pillars which are the right profitability for the risk taken on and balanced capital absorption.”

The overall value of all NPLs managed by Banca IFIS, as of April, 30 2017, amounted to over 10 billion euro comprising over 1 million 400 thousand positions.