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Banca IFIS and Maas, together to support the enterpreneurial culture

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Banca IFIS, bank focalized in financing SMEs through the brand Credi Impresa Futuro, and Maas (Marcati Agro-Alimentari Sicilia), international food center based in Catania engaged in construction and management of wholesale markets food, have signed an agreement to illustrate to Sicilian SMEs the alternative method of financing and credit management that Credi Impresa Futuro can offer.

Maas-related companies will be able to take part to activities in order to spread an efficient enterpreneurial culture: the agreement consist of one-to-one meetings and in-place consultancy, in order to illustrate these companies how Banca IFIS can support them fiancially.

“This convention is a sign of a joint effort between Banca IFIS and Maas towards a common goal: the real support of the work of our country,” said Paolo Marinelli, Credi Impresa Futuro Sales Manager. “In an economic environment still unstable, we want to be the bank that provides credit to virtuous companies, together with a prestigious ally as Maas “.

“The agreement between Maas and Banca IFIS is a strong support to the marketing of food products. Thanks to Banca IFIS even small operators can tackle large jobs, using of the professional financial management of customers, in addition to financial support. Later, other services will be presented in support of the supply chain” explained Emanuele Zappia, chairman of the board of directors of the Maas.