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Banca IFIS in 2015: net profit hits 162 million euro (+69%), excellent credit quality. Market cap more than doubled, capital adequacy ratios are over 15%

Inside information

Financial Year 2015 1 January-31 December

  • Net banking income: 408,0 million Euro (+43,6%);
  • Net profit from financial activities: 373,7 million Euro (+49,7%);
  • Profit for the period: 162,0 million Euro (+68,9%);
  • Bad loans ratio in the Trade Receivables segment: 1,1%;
  • Cost of credit quality for trade receivables: 90 bps;
  • Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1): 14,68% (13,89% at 31 December 2014);
  • Total Own Funds Capital Ratio: 15,37% (14,21% at 31 December 2014);
  • Hiring further up: 177 new resources added (+41,6%).

4th quarter 2015 1 October – 31 December

  • Net banking income: 76,8 million Euro (+5,1%);
  • Net profit from financial activities: 68,7 million Euro (+0,3%);
  • Profit for the period: 13,2 million Euro (-39,3%).

Comment on operations

Mestre (Venice), 19 January 2016 – The Board of Directors of Banca IFIS met today under the chairmanship of Sebastien von Fürstenberg and approved the document concerning the preliminary 2015 results.
“2015 was a very good, in some ways extraordinary, year,” stated Giovanni Bossi, CEO of Banca IFIS. “Profits reached a level of excellence, growth was strong and credit quality continues to be one of the strengths of Banca IFIS, together with financial robustness and good liquidity”. Bossi stressed: “These results do not come about by chance. They are the result of a vision that started many years ago, and which has seen the bank develop its activity in a way that is drastically different from the habits of the banking system. This action will expand still further to seek internal growth, and not only, with respect and safeguard towards all of our stakeholders.”