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2021 Corporate events calendar


Mestre (Venice), 15 January 2021 – Banca Ifis announces the publication dates for its 2021 financial results:


  • 11/02/2021 – Approval of 2020 preliminary results
  • 11/03/2021 – Approval of 2020 draft annual report and invitation to the General Shareholders’ Meeting
  • 22/04/2021 – Annual General Meeting to approve the 2020 annual report
  • 13/05/2021 – Approval of 2021 first quarterly report
  • 05/08/2021 – Approval of half-yearly report at 30 June 2021
  • 04/11/2021 – Approval of third quarterly report 2021


As already stated in the press release of 19th January 2018, Banca Ifis has decided to continue preparing and publishing its quarterly information in accordance with previous practice and until otherwise decided, in compliance with the provisions of the Italian Stock Exchange Regulation regarding the STAR segment. This decision was taken in order to ensure continuity and frequency of information for the financial community, in adherence with Banca Ifis’s corporate policy regarding delivery of information on its financial and operating performance to the market and investors.


Any subsequent changes to the information contained in the calendar will be promptly published.