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Summer STEM Academy

The Summer School of the Alumni Association of the Scuola Galileiana rewards the best students from all over Italy with a week of courses entirely dedicated to STEM subjects.

Summer Stem Academy

The Summer STEM Academy is an advanced training course dedicated to 20 male and female upper secondary school students, selected from a large number all over Italy, for a week of in-depth study of STEM subjects, new trends in high tech and DE&I topics.

5 days of study, workshops and discussions led by young teachers under the age of 35 – including alumni of the Scuola Galileiana with international experience and outstanding profiles – to engage students with interactive teaching and opportunities for dialogue.

An engaging and stimulating experience for boys and girls who use this opportunity to experience the university world first-hand and to study in an environment that values merit irrespective of gender.

There are two key themes of the Summer STEM Academy: excellence in technical-scientific training and the promotion of diversity as a generator of innovation. We want to make boys and girls aware of the opportunities offered by STEM, encourage them in their interest in these subjects and draw attention to the importance of inclusive study environments.

Marika Babetto - Vice Chairman of the Alumni della Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori Association

Impact measurement

Summer STEM Academy is among the Kaleidos projects chosen for impact measurement, an activity developed to give economic value to the changes brought about through the social projects we support.

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of respondents stated that they were influenced in their choice of study path or confirmed the choice they had already made


of the students stated that they had experienced personal growth thanks to the project


Social impact multiplier

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Our support for the Summer STEM Academy

Innovation is one of our bank’s fundamental cornerstones, and we have always firmly believed that diversity is both valuable and enriching for the entire community. Through our Kaleidos Social Impact Lab, we are carrying out several initiatives to promote diversity and youth development. In particular, since 2021 we have been supporting the Summer STEM Academy project through which we help young people build their career path and future.

The Alumni Association of the Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori

Founded in 2010 and open to all alumni, the Alumni Association of the Scuola Galileiana was set up to preserve ties between alumni, students and teachers at the Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori and operates in collaboration with the University of Padua to bring together and maintain relationships, skills and experiences acquired during their studies at the university and the Scuola.


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