Banca IFIS on Social Network

Banca IFIS uses its channels on social networks to communicate with customers, fans and followers by customizing the content on each channel for each specific brand. The bank aims at promoting and supporting transparent daily conversations on savings, business and labor issues, as well as fostering co-creation mechanisms, with a focus on refining the features of target products, such as the rendimax Like deposit account and contomax crowd current account.
The Group is present on the following social networks:

linkeidn LINKEDIN: Banca IFIS has over 25,000 followers on this social network dedicated to professional exchange, using this channel primarily for recruiting goals but also sharing financial, strategic and value adding information.



1485482214-facebook_78681 FACEBOOK: There are more than 80,000 fans on the pages of the various Banca IFIS profiles, where savers, families, entrepreneurs and fans interact with the Bank’s team every day. Through this channel, Banca IFIS has chosen to talk about its projects, to interact and to offer assistance to customers and people interested in the solutions offered.



Twitter-icon TWITTER: The Bank’svarious profiles boast over 20,000 followers. Chosen for real-time communication and for the ability to interact easily with stakeholders, the bank uses this channel to provide updates on relevant current and upcoming events and financial and institutional calendar appointments



Instagram_icon INSTAGRAM: Banca IFIS has also recently landed on the Instagram social network, counting today more than 4,000 followers in its various profiles. The main purpose of this channel is to share visually customer stories, experiences and comments of real people working at the bank and to provide information to various target audiences through graphics and video.



red-youtube-logo-icon-8 YOU TUBE: Over 1200 subscribers on various channels with about 1 Million views. The Banca IFIS channel, which describes the Bank’s history and products, has been recently enhanced with two additional channels: the one devoted to the Rendimax deposit account and with the channel dedicated to the Digital Shops (Botteghe Digitali) project.



The Group is also present on Google+ and Slideshare.

In 2015, Banca IFIS brought to life Digital Shops (Botteghe Digitali), a project dedicated to the Made in Italy brand/merchandising mark and the digital transformation of Italian handcrafts, which was further developed later in 2016. The stories and projects promoted through the new brand: Digital Shops (Botteghe Digitali), and through the partnership with the Triennale di Milano and the New Craft exhibition; in addition to being described at , they are also described on its various social network profiles.

At the end of 2012, Banca IFIS also launched a new tool to allow every Network user to stay abreast of its various business divisions’ activities: the, Banca IFIS’ Web TV, a channel created to show and to store video productions made during institutional events, management appearances during major TV shows, useful video tutorials on its products and to communicate the various initiatives promoted by Banca IFIS.

In the course of October 2014, IFIS4YOU was established, the corporate intranet through which Banca IFIS communicates with its staff and provides the latest information on activities, projects and anything related to the Bank, as well as being a resource center for the staff, containing all necessary documentation needed to carry out their work.
The, and blogs focus respectively on topics related to savings, to personal finances and to Small and Medium Business finance management. Featuring latest developments, wide-ranging analysis and readings to accompany all Internet users with an additional viewpoint to assess expenses, investments and quick tips to help savers.

You’ll find many social network initiatives constantly taking shape on the various Banca IFIS channels, which also target “educational” goals such as #CapireBilancio, a glossary to shed light on balance sheet terms, meant to inform savers investing either in the rendimax deposit account, in the contomax high-yield current account or in the firm’s securities, as listed on the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana (italian Stock Exchange); an additional goal of these informational resources is to offer an additional tool to retail stockholders who wish to have a deeper understanding of Banca IFIS’ financial statements or, as in the case of #ImparaPMI, a new ” Wiki “aimed at Small and Medium Business, which explains the terms related to the business world, launched on Twitter and on the blog .
In 2013, several projects were launched, among which #CapireBorsa to increase the financial and economic awareness of users and stakeholders; CrediFamiglia‘s webinars were also launched to provide support to people looking for work, while the #30IFIStour celebrated 30 years of the Bank’s activity by engaging bloggers in an innovative and co-created storytelling experience.

New social network initiatives were also launched in 2015 and 2016, such as the Glossary of Savings, which, through the Rendimax profiles provides an in-depth look at savings-related terminology, or the IFIS Weekend and IFIS People sections, through which Banca IFIS offers its followers ideas for leisure and showcases its employees. For several years now, Banca IFIS has been providing an interactive balance sheet site,, which houses all data related annual performance with comparability features to ensure maximum usability.

Among the latest banking sector innovations introduced by Banca IFIS, we have introduced Whatsapp for Business, a direct, completely mobile contact method to apply for financing solutions, as well as Periscope, the mobile app that allows live streaming of what is going on inside the Bank, in real time and with utmost transparency.

In 2015, the site was launched, which shares the personal stories and experiences of people working in Banca IFIS; the site also lists all open positions. In 2016, the rendimax chat was also activated, through which the Customer Service team provides real-time responses (accessible via ).

In 2016, with the evolution of Banca IFIS Impresa’s brand identity and subsequently with the acquisition of Ge Capital Interbanca, the TourPMI project was born and was developed, to show Italy through the eyes of those enterprises using the Financials tools made available by Banca IFIS Impresa.

In 2017, the first blog dedicated to leasing and rental for businesses and freelance professionals was launched. ‘MondoLeasing’ – an on-line magazine aspires to become the main point of reference for companies and operators in this industry, focusing particularly on regulatory, tax and sector-based news.

In 2018, Banca IFIS finalised the acquisition of Cap.Ital.Fin. S.p.A, which specialises in salary- or pension-backed loans, and of the 70% of Credifarma SpA, a financial resource point for pharmacies since 1987, conceived from an idea of Federfarma as well as announced an additional transaction that will cause FBS S.p.A (Italy’s fourth-largest servicer in the management and transformation of non-performing loans) to be included in the Banca IFIS Group’s scope.

In 2018 Banca IFIS decided to expand the rendimax family by entering into the insurance world and thus developed a solution – rendimax assicurazioni – aimed at distributing selected insurance products, with a dual objective: innovation and customer service. With this in mind, YOLO was identified as a partner from the insurtech world, with whom Banca IFIS collaborated in the development of technology, in the search and distribution of insurance products. Innovation means researching and proposing new solutions such as pay per use, protecting customers only when they actually need the specific insurance solution; customer service means building solutions that protect and being present in times of need.