Banca IFIS Impresa at ‘4.0 – The Digital Challenge of SMEs’ – 28 June, Brescia


Banca IFIS Impresa returns to talk about innovation: what challenges and opportunities are Italian companies offered by the tax incentives provided for in the 4.0 national industry plan?

This topic will be discussed on Wednesday, 28 June, from 17:30 to 20:00 in Brescia at the event ‘4.0 – The Digital Challenge of SMEs’. Bruno Garelli, Head of IFIS Leasing’s Transport Segment, will also be present, with a presentation entitled ‘Super amortisation in vehicle leasing contracts’ and Gianpaolo Biffo, Head of IFIS Leasing’s Industrial Segment, with the speech ‘The Sabatini ter in equipment leasing contracts’.

The event will take place at Brescia’s Chamber of Commerce.

4.0 – The digital challenge of SMEs

Brescia Chamber of Commerce – Sala ridotto
Via Luigi Einaudi, 23

Wednesday 28 June
17:30 – 20:00