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Biodiversity Workshop

International Sculpture Park

Biodiversity Workshop

A day discovering the biodiversity in the Villa Fürstenberg International Sculpture Park, organised in collaboration with Wigwam Club Giardini Storici Venezia. A nature walk in the company of two experts in historic gardens and botany, who have been working in Venice and Italy for years: Mariagrazia Dammicco and landscape architect Gottardo Bonacini will tell us about the many botanical species found in the park, focusing on sustainability. Oreste Sabadin will accompany the talks with readings and improvisations on the clarinet.

Visits are scheduled at 15.00 and 17.30.

If the weather is bad, the event will be postponed.

“Every garden – especially a large park – is a community of pulsating lives. Each with its own fundamental utility and beauty, incomparable precisely because of its uniqueness. A universe to admire as if in a virtual zoom, leading us from large trees to tiny grasses, subterranean fungi, and industrious insects. We will perceive the breath of the landscape. We will enjoy the shade of the large foliage and caress the bark of the trunks. We will discover the energy of the lotus flowers, rising from the mud. We will detect little presences in the wild meadow. We will discover the virtues and poetry of certain botanical species and trace the history of their names and the myths associated with them for millennia. We will listen to the silences and sounds of the environment. We will let words emerge from a garden rich in history, affection, and nature.” Mariagrazia Dammicco, President Wigwam Club Giardini Storici Venezia

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