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Ballad for Ten Trees

A special event organised by the  Italian Pavilion’s public program at the Biennale Arte 2024 of which Banca Ifis is a sponsor, curated by Luca Cerizza and by Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea del Ministero della Cultura.

Massimo Bartolini,  artist of Due qui/To Hear, has created a new music performance Ballad for Ten Trees – a redefinition and extension of his most iconic project, Ballad for a Tree.

The concept of immaterial penetrates the ambience of this performance, based on a close human-nature dialogue, fabricated but spontaneous at the same time. The music of ten saxophonists will unfurl through Villa Fürstenberg’s park, building a complex polyphony that will be perceived in a variety of ways depending on the audience’s time and route through the park.

An unforgettable performance that you should not miss!

The event is all booked up