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“PMI nell’emergenza COVID-19” webinar


Wednesday 22 July 2020 – The webinar entitled “PMI nell’emergenza COVID-19: digitale e capitale umano per superare la crisi” (SMEs during the COVID-19 emergency: digital and human capital to overcome the crisis) was organised by Ca ‘Foscari Challenge School in partnership with Banca Ifis and the University of Padua. The webinar presented an update of the results of “Factor I” – research into top performer companies in the Italian economy that adopt an innovative approach to listening on the Web – which identify the success factors that have allowed Italian SMEs to overcome the Covid-19 crisis, involving entrepreneurs and managers, analysts and researchers.

Carmelo Carbotti, Head of the Research Department of Banca Ifis, spoke at 4.30 pm on the topic “Top performer e priorità manageriali: i risultati del web listening” (Top performers and managerial priorities: the results of web listening).