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Economy Magazine “Ricominciamo da Cinque” (Let’s start again from Five)


Palazzo Visconti, Milan – To mark its first 5 years, Economy magazine is presenting its evaluation of the Italian economy over the same period, with a survey conducted by GFP Inspiring Research and further analysis by 5 LIUC researchers. The purpose of this research is to measure whether and by how much the Italian economy has improved, in relation to 5 different areas: the environment, digitisation, internationalisation, training, and work. The idea is to see what progress has been made in each of these areas, to identify which models can be followed, and to examine the strategies implemented by the business world and SMEs. Banca Ifis is the main partner in this event and Andrea Berna, Head of the Italian Sales Network, will be one of the speakers.

The event will be shown live on the Economy website, on Facebook and on the magazine’s YouTube Channel