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Businesses and social impact measurement: from words to deeds


Milan, Sala Buzzati – Banca Ifis approach to sustainability is the protagonist of an in-depth report by Corriere della Sera. One year after the launch of Kaleidos – the Social Impact Lab that brings together the Bank’s social initiatives – President Ernesto Fürstenberg Fassio previews an innovative project developed four hands with the Milan Polytechnic and designed to assess the impact of initiatives on both the community and business. The event, titled “Businesses and social impact measurement: from words to deeds” will be presented by journalist Rita Querzè and broadcast live on on Thursday, July 13, starting at 11 a.m. Guests at the event include: Mario Calderini, full professor of management for sustainability and impact and school of management at the Politecnico di Milano; Vera Gheno, linguist; and Irene Tinagli, MEP and chair of the Economic and Monetary Issues Committee of the European Parliament.

The event will be available for streaming at