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Banca IFIS and La Triennale di Milano celebrate “The Bycicle Renaissance”


After two hundred years the bicycle is showing all its vitality. The vitality of the bicycle as an instrument of urban and sustainable mobility for cities and metropolitan areas and as an emblem of a new way of thinking about production in the fourth industrial revolution.

From March 2 to April 2 Banca IFIS and La Triennale di Milano celebrate this vitality through the exhibition The Bycicle Renaissance. Through fifteen models of bicycles, the exhibition, curated by Paolo Manfredi, narrates the story of the evolution and of the different variations of the two wheels: city bikes, racing ones, transportation bikes, designer bikes, carbon bikes, steel ones all the way to custom-made bikes, realized thanks to new digital manufacturing technologies. The exhibits and the proposed paths become a vocal spokesperson, speaking loudly for a new “Made in Italy” manufacture in all its uniqueness and creativity.

This exhibition is the first 2018 event held by the Innovation and Craft Society, the task force dedicated to high-tech manufacturing set up by Banca IFIS, together with Stefano Micelli and La Triennale di Milano, to share and highlight the importance of Made in Italy and to be a place where businesses, researchers, institutions and representatives of the financial world can deepen their knowledge and share their experiences, opinions and information.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Thursday, 1 March at 6:30 pm with an exclusive vernissage at the La Triennale di Milano. For more information or to register for the event, click here.

After the institutional greetings, the representatives of Banca IFIS (the CEO Giovanni Bossi) and the Triennale di Milano (the Director Andrea Cancellato) as well as the curator of the exhibition Paolo Manfredi will attend the event.


The Bycicle Renaissance

La Triennale di Milano
Viale Alemagna,6

March 1: vernissage
From March 2 to April 2: public opening