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Banca IFIS Impresa at the Salone dei Pagamenti – November 24, Milan


On Thursday, November 24, Raffaele Zingone, Head of Banca IFIS Impresa Italia, will be among the speakers at the Salone dei Pagamenti (Payment salon) – Payvolution, to be held from 22 to 24 November in Milan.

Raffaele Zingone will be taking part in the panel on ‘Payments to and from the PA: news and next steps.

The Salone dei Pagamenti is the most important Italian event on innovations in payments, an incubator of ideas on innovation in payment services and systems and represents a great opportunity for banks, entrepreneurs, Fintech, PA and professionals to compare and contrast ideas on ‘payvolution’, the integration of digital technologies, commerce and marketing.

The 2016 edition witnessed the participation of 4000 people, 300 speakers and 44 exhibitors. The event is organized by ABI together with Feduf Foundation, Consorzio CBI, ABILab, Digital Magics, FinTechStage, FPA and Netcomm. More information and the three-day agenda are available at the event site.


Raffaele Zingone, Head of Banca IFIS Impresa Italia at the Salone dei Pagamenti 2017

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Thursday, November 24th