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1st International Workshop on the Non-Performing Loans Sector

The booming NPL market: opportunity or risk?

1st International Workshop on the Non-Performing Loans Sector

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Mestre, 25th September 2012 – Tomorrow, Wednesday September 26th, Banca IFIS Group and Credit Village will be holding the first international workshop on the Non-Performing Loans Sector.There will be Italian and international players on hand, with the goal of drawing forth the potentials and prospects of a market that has recently been the object of strong focus.In Italy, in the last two years – according to data by ABI updated as of May – non-performing loans have increased by 66% a year. In Europe, as estimated by PWC , the “heap” of NPLs has reached a total of € 1 thousand billion. Very high figures that become a huge market to conquer for funds specialized in the collection and management of NPLs. On the one hand, the main domestic and foreign investors are looking with great interest at the evolution of the Italian Non-Performing Loans portfolios transfer market. On the other, the banking and consumer credit sectors are posting an increase in non-performing loans. We are talking about billions of Euros in NPLs, to which an additional significant volume of  non-performing receivables must be added: leasing, utility and telecommunications. Credit Village will analyse how the proceeds and profits of the operators (buyers and investors) – whose business is focused on the acquisition of non-performing loans – are definitely lower compared to the market potential.So, why is it so difficult to close deals? The aim of this workshop is precisely to attempt to answer this question, comparing players who relate on a daily basis within the sector, in order to gain in-depth knowledge of their strategies and problems.During the afternoon of the 26th, it will be precisely the players, including Toscana Finanza, the NPL Division of Banca IFIS Group, who will discuss the issue, in-depthly examining why demand and offer often do not meet, how much specialization is required in order to manage loan packages and how this creates value for the buyers, and the social implications of this growing phenomenon.“Considering the information and the ideas that will be investigated further, we can say that, for someone capable of looking for and handling these situations – thanks to longstanding experience and ability to innovate – it is certainly an excellent opportunity for exchanging views. In fact, it is the first time that business operators (originator, buyer, servicer) are actually sharing their ideas. On the one hand, such sharing will be useful to define the operational contours of such a rapidly evolving market, on the other hand it will encourage the start of new transactions”, says Giovanni Bossi, C.E.O. of the Banca IFIS Group.Gianpaolo Luzzi, Director and Editor of Credit Village Magazine underscores: “The uniqueness and special feature of the event is that, for the first time, the leading market players meet in a setting that combines in-depth analysis, exchange of views, and encounter. The international breadth of the workshop provides even more added value to this event, the first one dedicated to the Non-Performing Loans transfer sector”. The event will be broadcast in live streaming starting at 10:30 a.m., at the following address: and live tweeting will be available, using the hashtag #nplmeeting.

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Wednesday, 26th September, at 10:30 a.m.