Banca Ifis projects supporting the environment and sustainable development.

Sustainable mobility with Ifis Leasing Green

Ifis Leasing Green was the first stage of a project put in place by Banca Ifis for promoting sustainable mobility. How?

  • Various electric and hybrid plug-in models, combined with the flexibility offered by leasing: a low-emission vehicle available without the need to buy one;
  • Tax advantages: those who choose a green car can benefit from tax relief, such as the Ecobonus and exemption from revenue duty, as well as having access to the restricted traffic zones;
  • A package of solutions designed for those who are looking to switch to sustainable mobility: from advice to help on recharging;
  • In addition, thanks to our partnership with Enel X, E-GAP and e-Station, operators specialised in eco-friendly mobility, last year, up to 31 December 2019, Banca Ifis rewarded customers that chose Ifis Leasing Green with discount coupons and car recharging top-ups.

Less plastic and more careful water use

These are the objectives underlying the launch of the partnership with SECLAN for the Skywell rental, a new technology that generates drinking water from the atmosphere by collecting and condensing air humidity.

An advanced monitoring system which, in combination with six filters, two ultraviolet lamps and ozone treatment, guarantees the purity of each drop of water, ensuring at the same time quality and taste.

Responsible consumption and emission mitigation

We have chosen our growth strategy, opting to reduce environmental impact and we have adopted this strategy starting in the workplace. To reduce emissions, we have chosen clean electricity: thanks to an agreement with Enel Energia, since 2020, at all Group offices and branches in Italy we only use 100% electricity from renewable sources. Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 1000 tonnes in one year.


Our new premises in Mestre

We have started building work on our new premises in Mestre. The building will include energy efficient systems, with the use of heating and air conditioning systems powered from renewable sources.

Awareness starts with our people

With the aim of reducing the use of plastic in all our offices by 80%, in 2019, we launched the plastic free project. Each of us received a #ifisgreen thermos so that we no longer need to use plastic bottles. Even our coffee cups are now recyclable! Starting with small things, we wanted to raise awareness among all employees on the importance of reducing plastic at the workplace.