Ifis Npl S.p.A.

Ifsi Npl S.p.A. is a leading Italian investor in the impaired loans market with an important proprietary servicer. It purchases and transforms portfolios of non performing loans mainly originating from financial institutions and banks, and manages third-party secured and unsecured portfolios.

The company was formed on 1 July 2018 from the spin-off of the NPL area of Banca Ifis. In January 2019, with the aim of creating the first integrated player on the NPL market in Italy, our group acquired 90% of FBS S.p.A. (now Ifis Npl Servicing), the fourth servicer in Italy for the management and transformation of impaired loans, taking over the remaining 10% in October 2019.

The Group’s strategic plan envisages the creation of a vertical supply chain aimed at guaranteeing the separation and independence between credit purchase and management and recovery activities.

President: Alberto Staccione
Chief Executive Officer: Luciano Colombini