Data e ora Nome del file / contenuto
11/03/2019 Information Sheet on line current account for non-personal account customers ifisimpresa
01/01/2019 Information sheet factoring (purchase and management of an enterprise’s account receivables)
12/12/2018 Information Sheet Letter of Comfort
05/07/2018 Information Sheet opening credit lines with current accounts for non-consumer customers
12/03/2018 Information Sheet foreign currency current accounts and payment services
for non-consumer customers
07/08/2018 Information sheet Guarantee
18/10/2018 Information Sheet on payment extension of account receivables (assigned debtor)
16/02/2018 Information Sheet external bank service icb – interbank corporate banking (an ancillary service to the IFISimpresa On Line Current Account Contract)
23/10/2018 Information Sheet time deposit for non-consumer customers
01/02/2012 Foglio informativo apertura di Credito di Firma