The I factor

An analysis and account of SMEs in Italy

We believe in the innate value of businesses and in the courage of those who bet on the future, and who do not fear change but take it on every day. We look for stories, to inspire those people who choose to do business every day, and to reveal the trends as they are now and how they will be for made in Italy.

Through our Market Watch project we periodically analyse data and trend that identify the business strategy and models of SMEs.

We are talking about not just stories or numbers, but also a combination of storytelling and research looking into the “factor” that determines the success of businesses and allows each company to discover its own.

The 3 factors of the I factor


Analysis of the economic and equity trends of SMEs and the main sectors of Made in Italy, searches of databases, and administration of targeted surveys.


Use of a new generation observatory, based on web listening, to identify the managerial priorities of companies.

Interviews and stories

Multimedia content with interviews and stories of the business experiences of SMEs, all covered with the aim of inspiring entrepreneurs.

Our figures


enterprises analysed

over 1,000

SMEs interviewed


market operators listened to through web listening


The I factor

The first steps among stellar SMEs

We approached an ecosystem of 61,762 SMEs and identified over 4,300 experiencing significant growth. Almost 1,100 SMEs had growth rates of over 20% per year and we called them “stellar”. We have met some to study them, tell their stories and discover the “factor” of their success.

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