The I factor

An analysis and account of SMEs in Italy

We believe in the profound value of companies and have studied the business models that can inspire the production sector in Italy.

Factor I is the Banca Ifis project that wants to promote small and medium Italian enterprise, investigating the structure behind the figures: which SMEs are growing on the market? What challenges do they have to deal with?

The goal is to find that “factor” making a business successful. To understand that, we want to take you on a journey through numbers, products, people and local communities. A story of today’s Italy that works, produces, wins, made of small structures adding value to the market every day.

The 3 factors of the I factor


Analysis of the economic and financial trends of SMEs and of the 9 main sectors of Italian production.


Use of a new generation observatory to identify the managerial priorities of companies.

Interviews and stories

Multimedia content with interviews and stories of the business experiences of SMEs, all covered with the aim of inspiring entrepreneurs.

The greatest challenge for today’s companies is being able to identify the main evolutionary trends and the critical issues, to turn them into opportunities to invest in, creating growth and profitability. Thanks to this project, Banca Ifis offers itself as a communicator of company culture, by analysing the figures and telling the stories of winning entrepreneurial structures which can then become guides for all those wanting to set up companies today and tomorrow.

Our figures


enterprises analysed


SMEs interviewed in 2019


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The I factor

The key to success of a stellar SME

We approached an ecosystem of around 61,762 SMEs and identified over 4,300 experiencing significant growth. Almost 1,100 SMEs had growth rates of over 20% per year and we called them “stellar“.

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