Basic informations

The number of shares issued is 53,811,095 with a nominal value of one Euro. Hence share capital is equal to 53,811,095 euro.


  • EPS
    2017 3,38 (%)
    earning per share

    EPS (Earnings Per Share) is an index that measures the profit a company has generated rebased on the number of shares issued by the company itself. E 'it calculated as the ratio between net income divided by the average number of issued shares outstanding, net of treasury shares.

  • BVPS
    2017 25,62 (euro)
    book value per share

    The Book Value per Share (BVPS) is an equity unit expressed in monetary terms with reference to each share. It is calculated as ratio of the value of the balance sheet in net assets divided by the number of ordinary shares outstanding.

  • DPS
    2017 1,00 (euro)
    dividend per share

    The Dividend per Share (DPS) is represented by the total dividends paid over a year minus the special dividend, all compared to the number of ordinary shares.