“We are convinced that only a bank that is beneficial to the economy in which it operates, whilst, at the same time, knows how to obtain the right amount of profit from its actions, has the dignity to look forward and plan its future. What is fundamental in the way we operate are the three pillars we base our work and all our business lines on: control of risk-corrected profitability, of liquidity and of absorbed capital.”


“Making the most of the Bank’s capital and liquidity to allow businesses and households, even in difficulty, to optimize their financial resources. Becoming the benchmark in Italy in providing financial support to micro, small and medium-sized Italian companies, also on an international level. Allow to the highest possible number of debtors to return to being financially credible. Giving value to the savings of individuals and companies thanks to transparent and reliable proposals.”

Our goal for the next three years is to maintain high profitability and liquidity levels, ensuring that revenue generated is suitable to cover risks and absorbed capital. The digital transformation we have started will be implemented throughout the Bank, from internal systems to customer-oriented platforms, thus providing a better customer experience and services more in line with customers’ needs.
Throughout 2017-2019 we will focus our effort and strength to reach important goals, such as:

  • Net profit adjusted 89 million euro in 2016, with compound annual growth rate 2016-2019 of 40%/45%.
  • Excellent credit quality: cost of risk around 100 basis points. Net NPL/Loans around 1% Coverage 85%/90%
  • Cost/Income below 50%
  • Reversal of Purchase Price Allocation: significant impact in the coming years
  • ROE: over 15% in 2019
  • Digitalized bank: 140 million euro of investments in technology.



“We have the liquidity, capital, resources, technology, ideas and motivation to continue on our growth path.”

Giovanni Bossi