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For the third year running, we have chosen to support CONI junior medallist athletes in their sporting careers through the donation of Banca Ifis Scholarships. A project created to support the future of young Italian talents, in continuity with the values that characterise sport and our Bank. The CONI Scholarships are among the projects we’ve selected and evaluated for the Impact Measurement activity, as part of Kaleidos, our Social Impact Lab.

The Impact Measurement activity is a model developed in cooperation with Triadi, a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano, which assesses the positive impact on the community of our social projects, with the aim of giving this impact an economic value and effectively targeting our investments. With the 160,000 Euro donated to the young athletes, 526,000 Euro of social impact were generated: each Euro invested in the Scholarships produces a social impact of 3.3 Euro.

Our goals

Our goal is to give economic value to the change we have generated by supporting our social projects, treating it as if it were a real profit generated by the company.

Translating the 'S' dimension

We want to translate the social dimension into a monetary and, therefore, concrete value

Measuring our actions

We want to make our actions measurable to overcome social-washing

Targeting our investments

We want to select projects where we can maximise our impact by acting as a purpose-driven company


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