Michele Pavan, Information Security Manager

Information Security

What were your thoughts when you joined Banca Ifis?

I remember my first time at Banca Ifis very distinctly. My first interview was in April 2013 and I joined the bank shortly after that.
I initially thought that after 20 years as a consultant, I could give my contribution to build something to grow, experience and develop day by day.

What about your personal growth at Banca Ifis?

When I joined the bank, Information Security still had a purely operational connotation and didn’t have its own organisational identity yet. Considerable efforts have been made over time to convey the comprehensive nature that Information Security has and needs to have in a structured Group such as Banca Ifis.
Now my office also takes care of Privacy, Business Continuity and Cyber Security. We provide support to the whole bank in relation to vertical and specific issues, with an overall view that allows for a far-reaching perspective and enables us to constantly put ourselves out there personally and professionally, as well as in terms of our personality. Our collaboration with the other organisational units and colleagues is also the result of interpersonal relationships: I think that understanding the work each one of us does is one of the requirements to work together and head in the right direction.
Personally, this is precisely the area where I’ve grown.

What brought you most satisfaction at work?

Being recognised by all my colleagues as the person to go to for all Information Security matters. This result stems from constant communication, information and collaboration aiming at constantly increasing the level of awareness about this topic within the company.

What do you expect from your future, both from a professional and personal point of view?

I see the constant growth of the bank and the continuous developments of the specific working environment where I operate as an opportunity for professional and personal growth. Every day there are new things to learn and explore, new people to liaise with, and this is one of the best and most interesting aspects of my job.