Massimiliano Tacoli, Tax Receivables Development Manager


What were your thoughts when you joined Banca Ifis?

Joining Banca Ifis Group, which was my first experience in a bank, initially generated conflicting feelings: ambition and hesitation. Then I realised that it was an important step involving considerable professional and personal growth, which enabled our ‘small business’ – Fastfinance, a division devoted to purchasing tax receivables and where I am the Sales Development Manager – to take off and become an undisputed market leader.

What about your personal growth at Banca Ifis?

I’ve been constantly growing, almost every day. I firmly believe in the big goals I was aiming for when I started my career: dynamism, a proactive attitude, team spirit, ambition and enthusiasm. Plus, in a large environment like Banca Ifis, liaising with colleagues from other departments enables me to put myself to the test and learn more day after day.

What brought you most satisfaction at work?

Every year, our goals become increasingly ambitious: in January I feel a lump in my throat because they seem unattainable. Then when we’re in December and I see that results often exceed expectations, I feel incredibly satisfied and the whole team feels the same way, too.

What do you expect from the future? 

If I look at my development over these years, I can only hope I’ll continue along this path, which is full of opportunities.