Businesses and brands

Banca IFIS is a bank listed on the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana (IF:IM) that operates in banking sectors with strong profit margins.
The Bank has adopted simple and highly-centralised organisational models, allowing to run the individual businesses through local networks and channels, rather than conventional branches. The key elements of our strategies are protecting our capital; investing our liquidity in activities offering adequate returns; and maintaining a high level of liquidity.

The brands through which the Banca IFIS Group operates, financing the real economy, are:

Banca IFIS Impresa is the part of the Banca IFIS Group helping Italian SMEs expand through specialized credit solutions: factoring, leasing, medium and long-term loans and corporate finance.

IFIS Finance Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company based in Warsaw. Established in 2003 and acquired by Banca IFIS Spa in 2006, IFIS Finance is specialised in supporting SMEs through factoring services.

Banca IFIS Pharma Supporting the trade receivables of large NHS suppliers.

Credifarma financial reference point for pharmacies.

IFIS NPL is a company belonging to the Banca IFIS Group dedicated to the purchase/sale and management of non-performing loan portfolios, both property asset and third-party asset portfolios.
FBS is a company that operates in the NPL sector as an operator specialized in servicing (master and special services), manager of NPL portfolios guaranteed and not, consultant in due diligence and authorized investor in NPL operations.
FBS Real Estate S.p.A has been specializing in secured non-performing loans thanks to its consolidated assessment and real estate appraisal structure. FBS Real Estate Spa offers its services to all property trusts, asset management companies, public and private bodies.
Area PNL Capitalfin has solid experience in providing salary/pension-backed loans, payment delegations and in the distribution of financial products dedicated to private individuals.
fast Fast Finance company taking care of activities related to the tax receivables sector.
rendimax conto deposito and contomax are the Bank’s two retail funding instruments. They are included in “Governance & Services” for segment reporting purposes. Specifically, rendimax is the high-yield online savings account for individuals, companies and insolvency proceedings, while contomax is the free on-line crowd current account and was launched in 2013.
rendimax assicurazioni is the multi-brand e-commerce that responds to your search for protection. Thanks to its digital platform, Rendimax Insurance offers DIY protection in one easy, pay-per-use, innovative and online solution; its aim is to protect people in every aspect of their lives: in traveling, in sport or in everyday life .