Businesses and brands

Banca IFIS is a bank listed on the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana (IF:IM) that operates in banking sectors with strong profit margins.
The Bank has adopted simple and highly-centralised organisational models, allowing to run the individual businesses through local networks and channels, rather than conventional branches. The key elements of our strategies are protecting our capital; investing our liquidity in activities offering adequate returns; and maintaining a high level of liquidity.

The brands through which the Banca IFIS Group operates, financing the real economy, are:

BII Banca IFIS Impresa, dedicated to short-term factoring, corporate banking (medium/long-term and structured finance), and leases (both operating and finance) for small, medium and micro enterprises. Banca IFIS Impresa operates both in Italy and abroad—especially in Poland, through the subsidiary IFIS Finance, which specialises in factoring services (import/export).

In 2017, we launched two new brands dedicated to specific business lending products: TiAnticipo, a digital financing service for companies that do business with Italy’s Public Administration (; Credito Agricolo, which provides financial support to farming businesses with products designed specifically for this sector (CAP advances, advances on grants).

Banca IFIS Impresa targets SMEs that are not benefiting from the liquidity available in the market—including the companies that work with the Italian Public Administration. Banca IFIS Impresa provides several services:

  • Factoring: with its factoring service, Banca IFIS has a direct presence in business-to-business procurement relationships, allowing the customer to finance its trade receivables and the debtor to enter into customised payment plans. Banca IFIS Impresa offers different types of factoring solutions based on the needs of the company: non-recourse/recourse, export/import, direct/indirect, maturity, outright purchases (ATD, Acquisti a Titolo Definitivo in Italian), advances on future receivables, TiAnticipo for the acquisition of certified receivables;


  • Leasing: with the acquisition of the former Interbanca Group, Banca IFIS Impresa has now entered the market for both operating and finance leases. This is divided in:
    • Equipment Leasing, a product designed to help businesses and resellers invest in equipment for the IT, Telecoms, Office, Industrial, and Healthcare Equipment sectors;
    • Vehicle Leasing supporting independent contractors and firms in financing company cars and commercial vehicles;
    • Equipment rental: it allows the company to use a piece of equipment for a set period of time for a fee, avoiding obsolescence costs. This service is available for IT, Office, Industrial and Healthcare Equipment.


  • Corporate Banking: a service designed to support companies in their organic or inorganic growth through extraordinary operations to reposition or expand their business, establish alliances or pursue integrations, promote restructuring processes, or introduce new investors and partners into the company. Corporate Banking consists of:
    • Medium/long-term financing: supporting the company’s operating cycle through services ranging from working capital financing to the support for productive investments;
    • Structured Finance: legal and financial structuring and arranging of bilateral or syndicated loans. Controlling market risk through syndicated loans and the placement of units of structured finance arrangements on the market.
    • Workout & Recovery: it manages the UTPs (Unlikely to Pay) and Bad Loans of all the portfolios of the segment’s two business areas, as well as the runoff of project finance, shipping and real estate portfolios.
    • Special Situation: it provides new medium- and long-term financing to support the financial recovery of businesses that managed to overcome financial distress.
    • IFIS Finance, subsidiary of the Group specialized in factoring (import/export) in the Polish market.
business-e-marchi-v2 Banca IFIS Pharma, through the Pharma Business Unit, supports the trade receivables of local health services’ suppliers, i.e. companies seeking to factor receivables due from Italy’s National Health Service without recourse—thus protecting themselves from the risk of late payments. Banca IFIS Pharma also supports pharmacists with a dedicated Business Unit that provides solutions designed to meet short- and medium-term financing needs;
Area PNL Banca IFIS NPL Area and CrediFamiglia operate in the market for distressed retail loans in the consumer retail and micro-corporate sectors. Banca IFIS NPL Area acquires/sells and manages portfolios of non-performing loans, while CrediFamiglia carries out judicial and non-judicial collection operations through different channels: call centre, in-house network, external network, Legal Factory, Legal Small Ticket;
Area PNL Capitalfin S.p.A. is a financial intermediary belonging to the Banca IFIS Group with extensive experience in the granting of salary or pension-backed loans, payment delegations and the distribution of financial products such as mortgage and personal loan. Cap.Ital.Fin. SpA is registered at no. 212 in the Register of Financial Intermediaries pursuant to Art. 106 of Legislative Decree no. 385/93 as a company having Banca IFIS SpA as its sole shareholder;
fast Fast Finance focuses on tax receivables. It collects direct and indirect taxes and tax receivables, either performing or arising from insolvency proceedings. Specifically, it assesses and manages:
VAT Receivables: for proceedings that are near their end;
IRES (corporate income tax) receivables from withholding taxes;
IRES receivables for the failure to deduct the IRAP (regional tax on productive activities) pursuant to article 6 of Italian Legislative Decree 185/2008 and article 2 of Italian Legislative Decree 201/2011.
rmx rendimax and contomax are the Bank’s two retail funding instruments. They are included in “Governance & Services” for segment reporting purposes. Specifically, rendimax is the high-yield online savings account for individuals, companies and insolvency proceedings, while contomax is the free on-line crowd current account and was launched in 2013.