Transparency and dialogue have always been a distinctive feature of the Banca IFIS Group. Furthermore, transparency in the face of customers, the market and all stakeholders, is a fundamental requirement for companies quoted on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, La Borsa Italiana. We talk and listen to both the inside and the outside world. We talk to customers, investors and shareholders, but also to our own employees. Thanks to customer relationship and technological tools, we are able to identify many different needs, for example through surveys and events, with the aim of fine-tuning our actions to the best of our ability in order to give our interlocutors an optimum experience. Customers

  • Frequent quality surveys and dedicated newsletters;
  • Events focusing on innovation, change and relationship management;
  • Video tutorials and e-books on services and products;
  • Open social networks;
  • Customercare and social webs.

Through periodic surveys and newsletters, we are able to keep our customers updated, whilst, at the same time, ask them for feedback in order to ensure our products/services target their needs.  Our social networks are open and represent the first channel – disintermediate – of contact with customers and stakeholders. The timeliness of our responses in each channel is guaranteed. Shareholders, investors and analysts

  • Investor relations;
  • Roadshows and conferencesin Italy, Europe and USA, conference calls with management;
  • Events dedicated to networking between listed companiesand the market;
  • Quarterly financial reportsand and Annual report 2019;
  • Financial highlights on social networks;
  • Research and analysis of the Italian market: Market Watch NPL, PMI and PA.

Our management meets institutional investors at different times throughout the year, both in Italy and abroad, to analyse together macro-economic results and market dynamics. Media

  • Press Office and External Relations;
  • Events (e.g. NPL Meeting, press conferences);
  • Institutional relations;
  • Research and analysis of the Italian market: Market Watch NPL and PMI.

Timely and transparent disclosure to the media, for whom we aim to create content, analyses and events of interest in terms of the Italian and international financial market and of innovation in the form of Fintech and manufacturing 4.0. Relations with trade associations and institutions, especially with regard to business support and the real economy.   Collaborators/the workforce

  • Corporate intranet with an editorial plan and dedicated editorial staff;
  • Twitter profiles exclusively dedicated to collaborators/the workforce;
  • Events and conventions.

Dialogue with people working for and within the Group is fundamental: integration, collaboration and ever-new challenges are the values ​​communicated through internal channels, thanks to a structured communication strategy created directly by the workforce itself.   Main company events

  • Forum ‘Intellicence on the World, Europe and Italy’. Partner of The European House Ambrosetti since 2012, Banca IFIS participates annually in this double-event dedicated to political, financial, business and institutional leaders, in order to discuss current issues of major impact for the world economy and society as a whole.
  • NPL Meeting: the event represents a unique opportunity for professional update, debate and conversation on credit and NPLs issues, with the participation of the most important Italian and International market players.