The Banca IFIS Group is a company dealing in specialty financing. Its main areas of business involve credit services and solutions for enterprises and the purchase/management of non- performing loan portfolios. Banca IFIS has a solid, sustainable and diversified business model that allows it to achieve profitable results that continue to grow.
Founded in 1983 by Sebastien Egon Furstenberg, the current Chairman, Banca IFIS has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (STAR segment) since 2003.


Why join the Banca IFIS team? Because Banca IFIS can add value to your professional goals, through:

• Its steady growth in a complex economic environment.
• Its lean and flexible structure.
• Its many available tools to best meet its current customers’ needs and to steadily gain more.
• Its innovation centric philosophy

In order to adequately support its pace of growth and reach its set goals, Banca IFIS is constantly looking for talent to add value to its workforce, which today amounts to over 1,700 people throughout Italy and its international offices (Poland, Romania). Banca IFIS is targeting both young graduates, who will be trained and will grow internally, as well as senior figures capable of bringing value and experience.


Banca IFIS strongly believes in the importance of training as a lever to add value to its people through the development of knowledge and skills, with a focus on continuous improvement of individual and corporate performance. For this reason, BancaIFIS offers structured and targeted training paths by encouraging self-guided learning through the sharing of materials and content useful to develop an array of both personal and professional skills. For example, self-development paths are accessible to everyone through the corporate Intranet on topics such as problem solving, teamwork, time management, leadership, negotiation, personal branding, workgroup management, etc.


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The WORKING AT BANCA IFIS Site sheds life onto Banca IFIS entirely through its people, its professions and its selection approach, while at the same opening a window onto the context in which this all of this occurs. Discover Banca IFIS’s way of working and apply for currently open positions, to join a Team dedicated to correctly interpret the present while knowing how to face the challenges of the future.
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