Ifis Integrity

We are committed to developing and spreading the business values and culture, both internally and externally, and pursuing the fight against corruption with integrity.

We involve all employees in training activities on the anti-corruption policies and procedures envisaged by the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01. In a year that made face-to-face training difficult, we have made the new edition of the compulsory training course on the “Administrative Responsibility of Bodies ed. 2020 ” available to them.

Number and percentage of employees who have received anti-corruption training, broken down by classification category



Senior managers (N.)



Senior managers (%)



Middle managers (N.)



Middle managers (%)



Clerical staff (N.)



Clerical staff (%)



Total (N.)



Total (%)



1 The count considers employees who have completed at least one of these courses:

  • E-learning course: “The liability of entities ed. 2018″;
  • E-learning course: “The liability of entities ed. 2020″, made available starting October 2020;
  • One external training courses attended by one employee.

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Our high standards of integrity and fairness must also inspire the conduct of agents and collection companies. For that purpose, we ask all suppliers to comply with the Code of Ethics and the Organizational Model required by decree 231/01, and we also check the number of mandates. At the same time, we undertake to inform them via email of any changes made to the documents.

In 2020 there were no cases of corruption or lawsuits involving Group employees or operators of external networks.

To protect financial solidity and the corporate reputation, we are strongly committed to preventing the risk of money laundering, in an atmosphere of active collaboration with the Supervisory Authority.

The refusal of direct or indirect relationships with people and companies whose membership in criminal organizations is known or suspected applies, on the one hand, with specific control procedures for each line of business and, on the other, in a constant offer of anti-money laundering training for our employees, especially those who have direct contact with customers.

During 2020, the overall training offer on the subject was 4,217 hours (about 2,366 in 2019) and 60.8% of the company population (it was 38% in 2019) attended at least one course.

To collect reports of possible breaches of laws and internal procedures, we have established a monitoring system (Whistleblowing) that guarantees the confidentiality of personal data (both of the whistleblower and of the person alleged to be responsible for the breach).

In 2020, as in 2019, there were no reports recorded through the Whistleblowing system.

Consult the Group Policy for the management of whistleblowing.

Credit quality is strictly connected to capital solidity, a key element for the sustainability of the business model and the foundation of the Group’s strategy.

For trade credit, the company’s commitment to protecting capital solidity and credit quality translates into multiple levels of control over counterparties, to prevent both the risk of insolvency and the involvement in transactions with critical implications in terms of reputation.

The protection of personal data is a mandatory principle for us, and a key aspect for strengthening the trust and sense of security of customers and for protecting the Group’s reputation. We are committed to preventing and managing information security incidents in a timely manner in order to protect the Bank’s proprietary information, which includes, among other things, the data of customers, employees, suppliers, and any other party with which we do business.

During 2020, we strengthened supervision of the protection of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR).

Cybersecurity was the topic at the heart of several awareness campaigns aimed at the entire corporate population throughout 2020. “Ifis Talks – Cybersecurity”, for example, explored the phenomena related to the spread of malware, phishing, fraud attempts and ransomware via email.

The desire to strengthen the digital security culture is the basis of the choice to give continuity to the Cyber Intelligence and OSINT research services, and the adhesion to CERTFin, a service that allows you to receive real-time reports of attempted fraud related to the banking area.

Transparency, credibility and dialogue have always been distinctive features when communicating information related to the Parent Company and other companies. We use multiple communication channels (Customer care, social networks, websites, projects and events) to relate to customers, investors, shareholders and collaborators and understand the different needs.

We have actively involved stakeholders in the construction of a new visual identity, that can communicate the Banca Ifis Group values in a direct, clear and coherent way.

Conceived and finalised in 2020 with these objectives, the rebranding project has had positive impacts on brand reputation and various awards. Among the main ones, the title of Best Improver 2020-2021 in the Italian ranking “Webranking by Comprend” for communication transparency and entry into the Top 3 “Best Improvers 2020” in the “Trust listed Italy” report for the credibility of communication in stakeholder eyes.

Ifis customers

The customer is at the heart of all our activities. Through our business model, we work to support entrepreneurship and improve the financial inclusion of people.

Find out how we have stood by our customers even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have always felt like “a company that works as a bank”, for DNA we are close to those who make the country move.

Our diversified, structured offer makes services and financial instruments available to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) enabling them to grow in a healthy way, also thanks to the daily support guaranteed by staff present in the area. With financial inclusion, we also help businesses and families to settle their debts within terms suited to their real situation.

Fattore I is the project that reflects our desire to present ourselves alongside Italian companies, especially SMEs, analysing the reality behind data. Its goal is to discover the factor that determines a company’s success. The key element of the project is the Market Watch PMI, the observatory run by the Banca Ifis Research Department that studies and highlights the needs and trends of Italian SMEs and production sectors. In 2020, in a new economic and social context, Fattore I continued as a new generation observatory.

In the new scenario created in 2020, we also developed #CoraggioImprese, a space dedicated to Italian entrepreneurs who do not give up, small and medium-sized enterprises that continue to invest every day and entrust their projects to a trusted partner with which to face all the new challenges in order to grow and compete in tomorrow’s market.

We also offer our customers products and services with a social purpose (see page 48) including:

Legal Entity / Business Line

Product / Service with Social Purpose

Monetary value in millions of euros (operations of the year 2020)

% total monetary value (operations of the year 2020)

Monetary value in millions of euros (operations of the year 2019)

% total monetary value (operations of the year 2019)

Banca Ifis / Leasing

Finance Leases
associated with the
New Sabatini Law
incentive scheme





Banca Ifis / Leasing

Finance Lease
associated with the
MCC Guarantee
Fund (data from
November 2019)





Banca Ifis/Leasing

Refinancing of
financial lease
contracts (initiative
launched in 2020)





Banca Ifis/Leasing

Prime initiative
(initiative launched in





Banca Ifis/Leasing

Moratorium Decree
Law no. 18/2020
(initiative launched in





Banca Ifis/Leasing

Moratorium granted
by Banca Ifis
(initiative launched in





Banca Ifis/Trade

Factoring backed
by the MCC
Guarantee Fund
(initiative launched in





Banca Ifis/Trade

M/L financing backed
by the MCC
Guarantee Fund





Banca Ifis/Trade

of which with EIB





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In addition to the offer of products and services, we pay attention to the disclosure of information that allows entrepreneurs to learn more about the financial instruments available to support business.

During 2020, the MondoLeasing and MondoPmi portals offered insight and reflections on leasing and rental issues and on those of interest to entrepreneurs and professionals, from business strategy to finance and innovation).

We work to strengthen the country’s economic fabric, also by disseminating a business culture. The pioneering “Digital Shops” project – it was 2016 – promoted innovation in small artisan shops, “Tour PMI” enhanced the ideas of young students at the service of SMEs.

Today we continue to collaborate with businesses, freelancers and SMEs in various initiatives in the area to raise awareness of best practices, new technologies and tools to support growth, with particular reference to digitization.

The main initiatives in the area 2020

Ifis Financial Jukebox

In collaboration with yourCFO, in 2020, Banca Ifis organised a series of streamed events targeting a select
number of customer businesses on different topics addressed directly by the Managers of the Business Units
involved each time.

“LFactor” Project

LFactor (Leadership Factor) is a project for training the leaders of tomorrow and ensuring a re-start, designed
by TIM and jointly planned with Banca Ifis and other companies. The aim of the initiative is to produce an elearning
course containing video pills of certain exceptional testimonials, focussed on 4 areas, indicated as
particularly relevant for the leadership of tomorrow: freedom, performance, trust and authenticity. The elearning
course is also made available to employees of Banca Ifis over the e-learning platform (Ifis Talent).

Credit Village
Italian Digital

Intervention at the digital conference, organised by Credit Village, relative to the market of impaired Italian
assets to analyse: the possible post COVID-19 financial and economic scenarios, the forecasts of the macro
economists on Italy's decline in the GDP and the consequences on the credit market.

3rd Gran Sasso

Intervention at the third International Forum of Gran Sasso, organised by the Diocese of Teramo, an event
dedicated to raising awareness in the academic and scientific communities on the topic of “investire per
costruire” (investing to build) and promoting cultural processing that can lay the foundations for a post COVID-
19 re-launch.


Partner to the digital event, organised by Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper, dedicated to investigating alternative
sources of finance to traditional bank loans.

Through Credifarma and in collaboration with Federfarma, we are also involved in local initiatives for pharmacies as beneficiaries, in order to spread innovative experiences and tools to support the development of businesses.

In 2020, Credifarma launched the “1 month for 1 year” initiative, a loan dedicated to Pharmacies to facilitate payments for supplies for one month, repayable in twelve monthly instalments.

The development of digital innovation is one of the key, priority actions for implementation of the Group strategy which aims to expand the Bank’s product offer to entirely digital sales channels, improve the user experience for all types of users involved and digitise internal processes.

For the rebranding project, with the launch of the Bank’s nedigiw website (bancaifis.it), we rationalized and improved the online presence of the Banca Ifis Group. The main website and 6 “sub-sites” specialized in vertical issues replace the 22 websites previously online.

On the digitisation front, Ifis4business was launched in 2020, a program split into several intermediate steps, enabling client companies to manage the entire product portfolio easily and in real time.  The conception and launch of this path stems from the desire to rationalize and simplify the current portals by providing companies with a single access point and an enriched range of operations available, to be performed digitally.

Still in 2020, the Pos payment service of Banca Ifis dedicated to pharmacies, FarmaPos, was launched. The Credifarma and Nexi initiative to facilitate electronic money payments, allows pharmacies to facilitate purchases, limit the use of cash and correctly channel cash flows.

For retail customers, in the NPL area, the PagoChiaro Portal, or the online payment platform created to help debtors return to “performing” in a sustainable way, using the speed of the digital approach, was further evolved.

We follow technological evolution with interest, evaluating the possible application of innovations to our sector.

In the NPL business, we have already integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse large amounts of data; the next goal will be to use robotics to verify digital documentation during the portfolio onboarding stage.

Important innovations also involved the relationship with customers, who can subscribe to new products by signing contracts digitally using the digital signature or vocal order systems.

Furthermore, in July 2020 we signed a partnership with Fintech Raisin to make online deposit accounts available on the German marketplace WeltSparen (https://www.weltsparen.de).

We stand out for the quality of the services and products offered: we are committed to studying, designing and experimenting them, always in line with market needs and characterized by the highest standards. We also work to guarantee our customers a high standard of service, ensuring response speed and timeliness that are distinctive on the market.

The rules for the development and distribution of new products – in line with business and corporate strategies and objectives – are established through a policy for the approval of new products and services, the start of new activities and the inclusion in new markets.

Quality of products and services main KPI

  • Average response times to requests from leasing customers:
    • Customer request management time: 2 days
    • First Call Resolution: 95%
  • Average times for evaluating factoring proposals: 10.8 days
  • Average evaluation times for SME loan proposals: 11.9 days

The activity of Ifis Npl Servicing is central to building a relationship with customers based on trust and on a high quality of service offered by network operators. Several KPIs are monitored on a monthly basis to check the quality of files processed and, if needed, corrective actions are identified together with agents and collection companies. The adequacy of recovery processes adopted with respect to industry best practices can also be checked with ad hoc audits at the recovery companies or with specific questionnaires. The entire control activity leads to an annual assessment of the recovery units to protect the Group and its customers.

We establish direct relationships with our customers and operate inspired by professionalism, honesty and transparency, providing detailed information on the commitments undertaken and on any risks relating to transactions. All reports and communications are drawn up in a clear, understandable way, allowing the customer to fully understand them.

In 2020 there were also no transparency non-compliance episodes.

In the context of NPLs, we have taken another measure to ensure the transparency of the agent-customer relationship. At the end of each visit, the customer signs the “Minutes of the visit” which summarises what happened during the meeting and the agreements made.

The Compliance function supervises the implementation of banking transparency regulations and is also involved in preparing communications about significant changes to the terms and conditions applicable to a product or service to ensure they are written clearly.

We attach great importance to feedback and reports that arrive – through the various mechanisms made available to them – from employees, collaborators, professionals with whom we collaborate continuously.

Complaints from customers and debtors are just as important. In 2020, the Complaints Department paid special attention to customer complaints about situations of difficulty related to the crisis (for example, liquidity problems, the need to benefit from moratoriums, difficulties in accessing credit, inability to settle financial debts impaired before the crisis).

In this regard, we have offered all our staff specialized training on legislation concerning measures adopted by the Government to support the financial difficulties caused by the Covid-19 national health crisis. At the same time, through specific directives, we have facilitated the search for customized solutions for support measures to be granted on a voluntary basis by the bank.

Ifis people

Our people are the essential driver of our business. We promote the value, development, training, inclusion and well-being of all employees.

Find out how we have stood by our people even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A good work environment positively affects the well-being of employees and organisation efficiency, for example reducing turnover and accidents at work or increasing production. For this reason, we consider promoting the mental-physical well-being of collaboratorsworkplace healthiness and comfortcorporate welfare, flexibility in work and the balance between private and professional life of absolute importance.

Our Integrated Safety and Environment Manual ensures all employees have workplaces designed to protect their health and safety and sets the goal of continuous improvement, through a management, monitoring and control system.

We have started reorganising the offices with a view to flexibility and sustainability, including environmentally, confirming the attention and commitment taken to encourage socially responsible behaviour. All office renovation is designed and built to provide functional, comfortable environments, with special attention for design: offices, meeting rooms and common areas are equipped with furniture and new technologies, to facilitate exchange and sharing.

We offer employees a broad, comprehensive benefit platform, focused on personal care and protection, and a series of welfare initiatives.

In health terms, in addition to guaranteeing the periodic health checks required by law, we offer people complete health coverage for illness, accident, permanent disability, life in case of death and, for the years 2020 and 2021, insurance coverage for Covid-19.

Over 1,850 hours of mandatory training on health and safety practices and procedures were provided in 2020.

Safety indicators

Total number of injuries*




Total number of deaths caused by accidents at work




Total number of serious accidents at work (excluding deaths)




Total number of accidents at work subject to registration








Injury rate




Rate of deaths caused by accidents at work




Rate of serious accidents at work (excluding deaths)




Rate of accidents at work subject to registration








*Foreign employees are excluded from the disclosure and, consistently with that reported in the methodological note, employees of Farbanca are also excluded.

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We respond to the great changes that the banking world is experiencing with the commitment to develop training plans based on continuous learning and dynamic management of skills.

Training is the key tool to ensure staff growth, a fundamental lever to support business development and retention of talents. Adequate training positively impacts the performance and effectiveness of employees and external agents, the dissemination of the corporate culture, and engagement.

For 2020, the Group has to its credit 37,133 hours of training on managerial skills, technical-professional training, including in the field of health and safety and anti-corruption policies/procedures.

Being able to organise virtual classrooms and creating video pills or live events (such as the Ifis Talks) had a positive impact on the increase in training hours compared to 2019. Virtuality has expanded the audience of possible participants, allowing more employees to take advantage of the training offer.

Training hours delivered

Training hours delivered




By gender









By professional category

Senior managers




Middle managers




Office employees








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Ifis Talent is the platform designed to improve the people recruitment, development and management processes. Employees are provided with specific tools for all processes related to the management of Human Resources.

We promote a feedback culture. In addition to tools for the annual evaluation of collaborators, Ifis Talent has an area dedicated to Continuous Feedback, to allow managers to constantly provide feedback to their collaborators on objectives achieved, skills acquired and areas of improvement.

In 2020, the Onboarding process was integrated into the platform, in order to support and guide new employees in their first three months of company life.

The quality of work and commitment to the digitisation of processes related to Human Resources has also been recognised by the HR Innovation Practice Observatory of the University of Milan. Banca Ifis, in fact, stood out among the cases presented, winning the HR Innovation Award 2019 in the Performance Management category. In 2020, on the other hand, the case study was also presented and shared as best practice at the annual Este “Development & Organisation Forum” event.

Employee engagement

Group Rebranding was included in an internal communication strategy to create a common value heritage among all collaborators.

Presentation of the new brand involved all 1,800 employees of the Group – 90% in smart working – in a full “On Air” event day with the technical support of the Radio Deejay team.

The change was also evident in the complete renewal of the Ifis4you corporate intranet, transformed – in search of maximum involvement – from a management container of information and documentation into a diffuser of content, news, events and projects.

The active involvement of employees was also carried out by promoting their participation – as Ifis Ambassadors – in institutional events and occasions.

In the 2020 scenario, marked by the pandemic emergency, the opinion of employees on how Covid 19 has changed the way people work was analysed through a survey open to employees. Based on the results, smart working has facilitated a better work-life balance and the engagement initiatives proposed remotely have avoided the risk of isolation.

As expressed in the Code of Ethics, the conduct of all Group people must be based on the utmost fairness and respect for a person’s dignity. The Whistleblowing procedure – open to employees and our collaborators – allows you to report any violations.

Similarly to the previous year, in 2020 no reports were received relating to episodes of discrimination.

Personnel distribution by gender sees a presence of 54% women and 46% men.

In particular, the presence of women among the direct reports of the CEO in 2020 is 50%.

Breakdown of employees




By gender

Men (n.)




Men (%)




Women (n.)




Women (%)




Age groups

Less than 30 years old




Less than 30 years old (%)




Between 30 and 50 years old (n.)




Between 30 and 50 years old (%)




More than 50 years old (n.)




More than 50 years old (%)








2 The employee total excludes the 31 employees of Farbanca.

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The relationship between the basic remuneration of women and that of men by professional category is subject is constantly assessed and monitored by the Bank.

Ratio of remuneration of women to men by employee category



Senior managers



Middle managers



Office employees



Please note that for employees who joined from 01/10/2019 onwards, no variable bonus has been allocated so far as none are envisaged for the year of reference 2019.

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Our commitment to the subject of diversity and inclusion, in particular at the training level, has led us to participate in the national program 4 WEEKS 4 INCLUSION, full of digital events (webinars, digital labs and creative groups), to share stories, practices and experiences dedicated to inclusion.

Ifis responsibility

We create value in the territories in which we operate: we are involved in activities of value for the communities and the environment.

Find out how we have stood by the community even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We pay particular attention to strengthening our relationship with the communities in which we operate and with stakeholders at regional and national level, demonstrating not only our desire to promote entrepreneurial development and to spread the business culture, but also our commitment to support bodies and associations engaged in social work. We carry out projects with schools and universities and open the Bank’s premises to initiatives and events of interest to the public or to the business community.

We are the first, and only to date, credit institution to have joined the Memorandum of Understanding for the Sustainable Development of Veneto. The protocol, which runs for 3 years and can potentially be extended beyond this, is an expression of the regional commitment to achieving the UN 2030 Agenda goals.

In 2020, 10% of the total events organized, actively participated or sponsored by the Bank, envisaged the involvement of the local communities of the territories involved each time.  € 583,000 were allocated to events involving the community, with an increase of 240% compared to 2019.

In 2020 we sponsored the Adopt a Researcher initiative launched by the Foundation for Advanced Biomedical Research Onlus of Padua, offered collaboration and support to UNICEF in activities dedicated to the protection and promotion of the rights of children and adolescents and transformed the annual Christmas celebrations. into occasions of social commitment thanks to the purchase, for all 1,800 employees, of Panettoni di Giotto made by the prisoners of the Padua prison (the proceeds are used for their reintegration and professional accompaniment).

We also supported the Learning Factory Project organized by the Ca ‘Foscari Foundation through the Ca’ Foscari Challenge School, and consisting in a program of online training initiatives and e-learning activities dedicated to companies and entrepreneurs interested in relaunching and protecting people and the territory during the particular moment of crisis.

We see in sport – and in its ability to directly involve customers and employees – an excellent tool for creating profound, new relationships with the territory. Well aware of the social value of sports, we have always supported some projects related to its world with conviction.

During 2020, among the main activities we took part in, please note:

  • Financial support for the sports and urban planning project of social value of the tennis champion Adriano Panatta, alongside Philippe Donnet, for the redevelopment of the former Sporting Club Zambon in Treviso;
  • Sponsorship of 3 emerging young athletes and one senior professional athlete in the “Casa del tennis” project of the Vicenza Tennis Club which helps young athletes to express their full potential;
  • Sponsorship of the golf competition in Pro-Am formula with 33 teams in the field on a course among the centuries-old trees of the park of the eighteenth-century Villa Condulmer in the province of Treviso.

As a Bank, we pursue the model of sustainable finance through controls aimed at mitigating potential negative impacts on the environment and society and the development of products that promote sustainable behaviour.

We apply mechanisms for managing the issue of social and environmental impacts also to significant transactions whose intrinsic characteristics could modify the structure or the risk profile of Group companies.

Starting in 2019 we have undertaken an important sustainable mobility project: Ifis Leasing Green. This is a package of services entirely dedicated to those who want to invest in plug-in or electric hybrid vehicles. To structure the offer, we have chosen the main electric mobility operators in Italy as partners: Enel X, E-GAP and e-Station. The Group stands out for its leadership position in the lease of electric vehicles, with a 34.36% share of the market in Italy
The table shows the data of the project:

Legal Entity / Business Line

Product / Service with Social Purpose

Monetary value in millions of euros (operations of the year 2020)

% of total monetary value (operations of the year 2020)

Monetary value in millions of euros (operations of the year 2019)

% of total monetary value (operations of the year 2019)

Banca Ifis / Leasing

Leasing Green - electric
vehicle leasing (data
available since October





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To contribute to a reduction in the use of plastic and more aware consumption of water resources, we have entered a partnership with SECLAN, to rent a new technology that generates drinking water from the atmosphere by collecting the humidity present in the air by condensation.

We are committed to spreading and consolidating an environmental protection culture, promoting responsible behaviour and providing adequate information and training.

Our growth path from an eco-sustainable point of view is represented by #ifisgreen. The project is summarized in a series of initiatives in support of the environment and sustainable development and represents our commitment to achieving the European target of a 40% reduction in emissions by 2030.

The most significant direct environmental impacts are the consumption of electricity for air conditioning and powering office equipment, the consumption of methane gas to heat buildings and emissions into the atmosphere due to the company car fleet. During 2020 there was a net decrease in consumption and related emissions due to the activation of smart working and the reduction of business trips due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Breakdown of energy consumption by source (GJ)




Natural gas consumption for central heating




Gasoline consumption for the vehicle fleet




Diesel consumption for the vehicle fleet




Total fuel consumption




Consumption of purchased electricity (non-renewable)




Consumption of purchased electricity (renewable)




Consumption of energy from solar panels (renewable)




Total electricity consumption








*The presence of consumption for petrol-driven cars is due to the preferential use of proprietary vehicles with respect to public transport services in the context of the COVID-19 health emergency.

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